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Decorative Window Film

At Z-Tint & Alarms, where you see clear glass, we see the potential for a work of art!

Once installed, decorative window films can transform your home or office into a stylish, beautiful space at an affordable price. At Z-Tint & Alarms, we have an endless array of decorative window film designs that can personalized to any style. So, you may be asking yourself, "Aside from decorating, what are the benefits of window/glass film?"

Decorative Window Film Decorative window tint Residential and commercial Arlington Texas

What Are the Benefits of Decorative Window Film?


Our window/glass films can be installed on any glass surface, including windows, doors, showers, even on office dividers.

Heat and Glare Reduction:

While a simple window tint may be an option, but you would like something that is also attractive and reduces heat and glare, then look no further than Z-Tint & Alarms superior selection of decorative window films. Our films will block out UV rays, reduce heat and glare, while also increasing HVAC efficiency.

Enhanced Privacy:

When it comes to boardrooms, office spaces and bathrooms, we understand that privacy is important. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to a basic window frosting. Now you can combine functionality and beauty by installing a designer window tint instead.

Enhanced Protection:

A window film installed by our experts at Z-Tint & Alarms will protect your interiors from fading without taking away the aesthetic appeal of the space. In addition, since window films will block over 50% of the sun’s infrared rays, they also ensure protection from long-term skin damage. With a decorative window tint protection, it doesn’t have to mean a compromise on style.

Decorative Window Film / Tinting Installation Services:

At Z-Tint & Alarms, our experts can assist you when selecting a decorative film for your home, business or office space. Our installation teams are friendly, professional and reliable, and have the necessary experience to ensure that your decorative window film will be perfect for your space.

Why not create an interior space that is unique from the rest? Contact Z-Tint & Alarms today at 817-633-1770.

Decorative Window Film Decorative window tint Residential and commercial Arlington Texas

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