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Specializing in the installation of customized automotive alarm systems since 1995, Z-TINT & Alarms will ensure you a security system providing you peace at mind of the safety of your vehicle. Committed to the product excellence of Cobra, K-9 Car Alarms and Scytek Electronics, Z-TINT & Alarms will design automotive security irregardless of any financial limitation.

Including remote keyless entry, remote start systems and a total of 25 other programmable features, Z-TINT & Alarms will gladly install the system which could quite possibly save you thousands of dollars in the future!

Next to your home, your vehicle is your most precious investment! Give yourself the reassurance you deserve and call Z-TINT & Alarms today at 817-633-1770. Our dedicated service representatives will happily provide you will the answers you need to make the wisest decision you can.

At Z-TINT & Alarms we understand your need to protect the investment of your vehicle. In doing so, we are happy to provide a complete line of state-of-the art security solutions. From remote controls, transponder or coded touch key operated alarms, we are proud to provide the utmost in product excellance from suppliers such as Clifford, Cobra, Python, and Scytek. Below you will have an opportunity to tour the websites of our suppliers.

clifford car alarm truck alarm car window tint truck window tint auto paint protection arlington texas
Clifford - For over thirty years, Clifford has made a science out of security. Clifford provides a variety of automotive security systems that will ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle. We invite you to click on the Clifford logo so that you can explore all your automotive security options.
cobra car alarm truck alarm car window tint truck window tint auto paint protection arlington texas
Cobra - Including stolen vehicle tracking, alarms, immobilizers and a variety automotive alarm accessories, Cobra is your complete source for all of your automotive security needs. By clicking on the Cobra logo you will have an opportunity to explore all of your automotive security options through Cobra.
python car alarm truck alarm car window tint truck window tint auto paint protection arlington texas
Python - For almost 30 years Python has remained a leading provider in some of the very most innovative automotive security systems in the world. By clicking on the logo provided you can tour all that awaits you when you install a car security system designed by Python.
scytek car alarm truck alarm car window tint truck window tint auto paint protection arlington texas
Scytek - Including the Vision Guard 8000, Precision Pro, Precision, Galaxy, Astra, Vectra, Sytrak and a variety of automotive alarm accessories, Scytek Electronics continually offers the most up-to-date car alarm products for the security of your vehicle. The logo provided will allow you to learn more about each one of the products designed by Scytek Electronics.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Car Theft:

1. Lock your car! Approximately half of the cars stolen in Texas are left unlocked. Lock your car and take the keys with you. When parking your vehicle, make sure it is left in a well-lighted area and when available, utilize the lots that are supervised by an attendant.

2. Be sure that your valuables have been concealed so to avoid an invitation to potential criminal activity.

3. Like most vehicles manufactured over the last 10-15 years, if your keys use the same key to open the doors as the ignition, have one of them changed.

4. Never leave your car running and unattended! Not only is it astonishingly common for vehicles to be stolen while you are "just running in", but in reality leaving your vehicle unattended and running is actually a misdemeanor crime punishable in Texas by a fine not to exceed the amount of $200. Protect yourself and your vehicle, make sure the car is not running when you are "just running".

5. As hot as the summer weather gets in Texas, avoid leaving your windows down when parking. If necessary, leave the window cracked only slightly just to allow air circulation.

If you have any questions or we can assist you in any way please feel free to contact Z-TINT & Alarms at 817-633-1770. For your convenience you may also request services from this site. Thank you for you interest in Z-TINT & Alarms.

Thank you for your interest in Z-TINT & Alarms! We look forward to serving you in the near future!